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To maintain my professionalism I require a consultation form to be completed on your first visit and updated regularly. If I feel a medical referral from your doctor is necessary I will not begin the treatment until this is obtained. This is to ensure your health and safety whilst at A Touch of Calm.
     Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage
There are numerous styles of massage therapy which use specific techniques to promote healing and improve circulation. The benefits associated with this style of massage range from reduced stress and anxiety, reduced muscle tensions and soreness and the most common being the deep feeling of relaxation.     

     Remedial Massage
This style of massage aims to remedy and bring about change to muscles which have become knotted and tense resulting in pain and discomfort. The benefits range from toning and relaxing muscle to improve joint mobility, easing pain, stiffness and tension within a muscle,  increasing flexibility and assisting in the reduction of scar tissue.
    Lymphatic Drainage Massage
The gentle, rhythmic motions along the lymphatic vessels located throughout the body which moves lymph,  a fluid which filters bacteria and houses white blood cells, toward various nodes to be filtered and refreshed. This form of massage has the potential to increase the body's immunity, increase the rate of toxin removal, decrease fluid retention, reduce the effects of carpel tunnel syndrome, energy enhancement and stress relief and relaxation.
    Pregnancy Massage
The use of adaptive smooth strokes and moves which are best suited for relieving the pain and discomfort experience throughout a women's pregnancy. This style of massage has a number of positive effects including stress reduction, relief of muscular pain, reduction of edema and the relief of headaches, cramps and spasms.
    Hot Rock Massage
The application of Basalt stones heated to approximately 50 degrees celsius are placed on various areas of the body known as Chakra points. The stones add a new experience to massage providing deep relaxation, improved blood circulation and relieve stress, pain and anxiety.
The application of pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands or ears; which correspond to different body organs and systems. Reflexology does not diagnose or cure health disorders but can be used to complement other treatments. It is benefial in alleviating stress, back pain, respiratory problems, headaches menopausal problems and period pain.
    Seated Massage
Involves structured techniques for massaging a client in a massage chair over their clothing without the use of oil. These sessions are between 15 to 30 minutes focusing on the neck, shoulder and back areas. Seated Massage helps to reduce stress, ease muscular tension, reduce headache and migraine symptoms and increase mental clarity.

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